AM Radio 700


You Might Be Wondering...

Just what is it that we're doing with AM 700?  Well, despite some popular beliefs, we're not actually out to compromise or infringe on the success of a long time Boston area radio station.  Quite the opposite, our original intention was to pay a sort of tribute to what that station was in the 50's and 60's.  Being a very small AM daytime only radio station in Orange, MA, we never would have imagined that our station launch would garner so much attention!  But it did, and listeners were very quick to tell us what a huge mistake we were making, some with very eloquent wording, such as calling us "INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH STUPID."  To be fair and honest, that listener was a bit accurate...and after some research on trademark law, we realized that we had crossed the line.  We worked diligently to change all of the station produced pieces to reflect our full call letters and slogan, hoping to quickly correct our mistake.  By that night, everything was changed.

However, all of that wasn't good enough for a Certain Broadcasting Station, who claims that even using our full call letters (which the FCC granted to us and that we are legally required to announce at the top of every hour) is an infringement of a trademark and an attempt to benefit from the success of their heritage AM station.  We tend to disagree, however we don't have the financial backing to take on a legal battle with a major business enterprise over a small station with only limited financial opportunities.  Furthermore, yet another broadcaster out there claims that our use of a certain word to describe icons of the 50s and 60s is infringing on a trademark.  Hard to believe a small AM daytime radio station could make so many people upset.

At the end of the day, our purpose is play great music that we feel is absent from the current radio dial.  We've been critiqued as playing the 'wrong' oldies, or that our music is 'too old', or that our songs aren't 'sophisticated enough'...look guys, we're not trying to take over the world, we're just trying to have fun, play great songs, and bring some life back into an AM station that has basically been sitting doing nothing for the past several years.  Is that so wrong?

For all the listeners out there who have written in with kind words, we thank you.  And we know that right now, our station's production values are a little boring...but we're actively searching for a station name that is not 'owned' by somebody else and call letters that won't make anybody angry.  We're going to continue playing the greatest music ever made (in our opinion)...and will be adding a lot more songs from the era.

Now let's stop being so serious and do the Twist!